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RG2CentsAuthor’s Note:  For those wondering what happened to me; I’m still around. I haven’t abandoned “Glymyre Tales”; only taken a couple of months to complete “The GlymyreScape Player’s Manual”. Some of you long time followers of my work know that the tabletop rpg,”GlymyreScape” is part of what my webcomic is based on and I felt it was important to get it into print as soon as possible. Now that the player’s manual is done, I’ve started work on the game master’s guide. I’ve also started work on the next page of “Glymyre Tales”, but with all the extra writing, updates may have to be bi-weekly. On the other hand, the GlymyreScape manuals are going to be worth all the effort. Matter of fact, “The GlymyreScape Player’s Manual” is available on Amazon right now! You can check it out by following this craftily crafted link

Thanks for reading.

Edit (11 21 2018):  The player’s manual is temporarily unavailable due to some last minute changes which needed to be made.  It should be back on sale in December.  Thanks for reading!


“GlymyreScape Player’s Manual” Being Proofed « RG’s 2 Cents Studios

Okay, I’ve sent the manuscript and cover to the publisher, and now I’m waiting for the proof copy of the book.  I’ve already looked at the PDF proof, but a printed version is nece…

Source: “GlymyreScape Player’s Manual” Being Proofed « RG’s 2 Cents Studios

The GlymyreScape Player’s Manual is Written!

Featured Image -- 1138

The manuscript is done and exported as a PDF!  All 290 pages of it!  Now I have to dream up a really kicking cover.  There are so many great fantasy posters out there, I just can’t seem to focus on a single theme.  Could be I’m just tired from all the editing work.  In any event, it won’t be long before I’m sending it to be published.  I can hardly wait!

GlymyreScape Player’s Manual Up To 195 Pages So Far


Been hard at work on “GlymyreScape”, and the manual now has 13 chapters and 195 pages.  It’s getting difficult, because I don’t have the money for Microsoft Word, and my word processor seems to get a little weird when the file gets over 15 megs.  After a few saves, it seems to settle down but some of the glitches sneak back in the next time I open the file.  I’ll just have to do a thorough check before I export it as a PDF.  Lots of illustrations, tables and charts; and I still have a few sections to go.  Almost done!

GlymyreScape Starting The Home Stretch

Featured Image -- 1138

Hokay!  I’ve completed the pugilism section, charging section, healing section, and skill learning section.  A few more illustrations and I should be ready to put all the chapters together!  Then, a few more details (like the Table of Contents) and I’ll send the completed files to be published!  I can hardly believe I’m this close to being finished!  The actual writing is DONE!!

Well…  I think it is anyway…