Issue 1 Page 11

RG2CentsAuthor’s Note:  And so, Chirard starts his journey, not knowing what he’s gotten into.  

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Issue 1 Page 9

RG2CentsAuthor’s Note:  And so, Chirard has his faithful steed, and is on his way to Sunrise Springs.

Issue 1 Page 8

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Issue 1 Page 7

RG2CentsAuthor’s Note:  The human is ‘Chimfaidar’. His appearance here will be brief, since he is one of the main characters in a series of ‘sister novels’ to this series of graphic novels. That’s what I’m planning anyway…

Issue 1 Cover Page

RG2CentsAuthor’s Note:  And at long last, here’s the cover page for my newest webcomic, “Glymyre Tales”. It’s set in the age after that of Legends of Whoelterran, and following the “Elvenjuan Renaissance”. That means most of the Elvenix have adopted a point of societal shift they call ‘Elvenjuan’, and released their ban on cerebronda. As a result, there’s a lot more glymyring in this age, and this series will follow more closely the “GlymyreScape” gaming system. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed producing it. 🙂