I’m Still Around

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RG2CentsAuthor’s Note:  For those wondering what happened to me; I’m still around. I haven’t abandoned “Glymyre Tales”; only taken a couple of months to complete “The GlymyreScape Player’s Manual”. Some of you long time followers of my work know that the tabletop rpg,”GlymyreScape” is part of what my webcomic is based on and I felt it was important to get it into print as soon as possible. Now that the player’s manual is done, I’ve started work on the game master’s guide. I’ve also started work on the next page of “Glymyre Tales”, but with all the extra writing, updates may have to be bi-weekly. On the other hand, the GlymyreScape manuals are going to be worth all the effort. Matter of fact, “The GlymyreScape Player’s Manual” is available on Amazon right now! You can check it out by following this craftily crafted link

Thanks for reading.

Edit (11 21 2018):  The player’s manual is temporarily unavailable due to some last minute changes which needed to be made.  It should be back on sale in December.  Thanks for reading!


8 thoughts on “I’m Still Around

    • Yeah, my sons and I made this game and played it for years (with friends and family) as notes in a binder. We didn’t even have a name for it until recently. When I named it, I went to work getting it ready for print and now the basic rules are available for all. Now I’m working on the advanced volume and hopefully it won’t take as long to write.


      • That it was! But the world (Whoelterran) was my own personal setting. My son’s world is Atlantus. “GlymyreScape” is the name of the game system players can use to build their own settings (worlds). “The GlymyreScape Player’s Manual” is based on what we call the “Whoelterran” and “Atlantean Tempest” series. Eventually, we want to publish modules from both of those series (games we’ve played on our own).


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