Issue 1 Page 11

RG2CentsAuthor’s Note:  And so, Chirard starts his journey, not knowing what he’s gotten into.  

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Issue 1 Page 10

RG2CentsAuthor’s Note:  Specifically, the office of the one who hired both Chirard and Chimfaidar; Miegel Dahcstah.

Issue 1 Page 9

RG2CentsAuthor’s Note:  And so, Chirard has his faithful steed, and is on his way to Sunrise Springs.

Issue 1 Page 8

RG2CentsAuthor’s Note:  Feel free to leave a comment (and maybe a ‘like’).

Issue 1 Page 7

RG2CentsAuthor’s Note:  The human is ‘Chimfaidar’. His appearance here will be brief, since he is one of the main characters in a series of ‘sister novels’ to this series of graphic novels. That’s what I’m planning anyway…