Issue 1 Page 34

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RG2CentsAuthor’s Note:  Toceacia is a medichemist, and they have a way with potions.

For awhile it seemed like I just kept finding more and more mistakes in the GlymyrScape Player’s Manual! I think I’ve got it all sorted out but won’t know for sure until the proof gets back. Hopefully it will be available again before Christmas.


Issue 1 Page 33

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RG2CentsAuthor’s Note:  And no, Pach doesn’t have first hand knowledge of this. Well, not this specific case anyway.

Issue 1 Page 30

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RG2CentsAuthor’s Note:  Pach’s timing may not be optimal at this point. BTW, sorry about missing last monday’s update, but some virus or bug has slowed me down more than usual.