WordPress Retired My Themes

‘sigh’  I realized the other day that my themes for both my comics and blog have been retired.  For my blog it’s not a big deal; I’ve changed the theme already.  My comics are another matter however.  Panel was the only theme designed specifically for webcomics and if I try to change it I’ll wind up with a webcomic having no comics and only a blog.  Just a few weeks ago, I decided to go with wordpress over blogger because of the wonderful community here!  Now they no longer have a theme compatible with a graphic novel format, and even if I customize one of the blog themes for my needs, I’ll still lose all my reader’s comments and have over 30 pages to repost.  I’m afraid if I go back to blogger, I’ll lose the few readers I have.  What do you folks think I should do?  Would you follow “Glymyre Tales” if it moved to blogger?  Let me know…


4 thoughts on “WordPress Retired My Themes

  1. My sympathies with your difficulties.

    I’ve been enjoying Whoelterran ever since I first discovered a comic about a strange guy named Zan Tiglaus. I want to see where this is going. If you do go to another site, just tell me where you’re going, and I’ll gladly follow.

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  2. I just got here, but sympathize with your pain.

    I’m using Comicpress, but it uses a propitiatory format that works, but as WordPress progresses the ComicPress format doesn’t get any attention. There was a big change a few years back to ComicPress and Easel, and they provided a conversion tool. It might be a long shot, but maybe they have a conversion tool for Panel as well.

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    • Yeah, I used Comicpress / Easel and liked it alot. That was back when I had my own domain with 1&1 webhosting and used the installed WordPress themes from WordPress.org . I lost my domain when 1&1 suddenly raised their rates and I couldn’t afford them to host my comic anymore. So, I came here to WordPress.com where I already had a free blog. See, there’s a big difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com . The dot org folks are really accommodating to webcomicers, but the dot com folks not so much. They only had one webcomic theme called Panel and that’s what they retired. In their defense, I don’t blame them because I was probably the only one using that theme lately. On the other hand, if they had more to offer webcomic creators, they probably would have more webcomics here. I’ve pimped up this site as much as I can (the panel theme doesn’t give much freedom to design). Compare this to what I have at my blogger site and you’ll see what I mean. Still, I love the community here, so I’m keeping my main blog and embedding it into the Glymyre Tales at blogger.


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