“Glymyre Tales” is Going to Blogger

RG's 2 Cents Studios

Yeah, I decided that was a better platform for a webcomic.  WordPress dot com has a wonderful community (which is why I’m leaving my blog here), but it just isn’t very accommodating to webcomics.  Here, the community is the strength.  At blogger, it’s the ease and freedom of design.  Even so, a serious drawback at blogger was the commenting system.  It seemed a bit primitive, and I was a tad worried that it would discourage my readers from commenting until I discovered that you can install Disqus there.  Disqus is a wonderful commenting service that easily fits the needs of a webcomic!  Go check it out for yourself!  Just click on this craftily crafted link!  Oh!  And don’t forget to leave a comment there and tell me what you think!

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WordPress Retired My Themes

‘sigh’  I realized the other day that my themes for both my comics and blog have been retired.  For my blog it’s not a big deal; I’ve changed the theme already.  My comics are another matter however.  Panel was the only theme designed specifically for webcomics and if I try to change it I’ll wind up with a webcomic having no comics and only a blog.  Just a few weeks ago, I decided to go with wordpress over blogger because of the wonderful community here!  Now they no longer have a theme compatible with a graphic novel format, and even if I customize one of the blog themes for my needs, I’ll still lose all my reader’s comments and have over 30 pages to repost.  I’m afraid if I go back to blogger, I’ll lose the few readers I have.  What do you folks think I should do?  Would you follow “Glymyre Tales” if it moved to blogger?  Let me know…